At Translate-Hiroshima, we understand that translation quality is not just a goal; it's a necessity.

Our team of skilled professionals are committed to delivering exceptional quality on every project. With years of experience and a passion for excellence, we provide professional Japanese to English translations at affordable prices, customized for your business or personal needs.

3) Revisions*

In the third stage, we submit the project to the customer in its finalized form. If the customer has need of revisions, it would be at this stage that they are made.

*Depending on your selected package, revisions may incur an additional fee.


three women sitting at the table
three women sitting at the table
person writing bucket list on book
person writing bucket list on book
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a man sitting at a desk with a laptop and papers
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person giving brown box

1) Consultation

In the first stage, we start with a consultation process where we will work with you to outline the project details and any requirements on our part such as necessary context to aid with translations, the budget that we can work within, and the estimated cost and deadline of the project.

2) Translation process

In the second stage, we begin the translation process. With both native English and Japanese speakers on our team, we work together to ensure the highest quality translations and natural language use.

4) Finalization & submission

In the 4th stage, once revisions are completed (if applicable) the project is closed out and a bill of sale is released to the customer.

• Japanese to English Translation

Our flagship service. We take pride in the quality of translation that we provide to our customers. Translations to English include professional level native English checking so you can have peace of mind knowing that your translations are accurate and meaningful. We offer two variations of this service to suit your needs:

1) Document Translations
2) Webpage / Website Translations

• English Proofreading

If you're only looking for grammar and spelling corrections in your document, we have a comprehensive plan to help get your document to the level you need it to be at. With Proofreading, we will check and correct any grammatical, spelling, and sentence structure issues for you.

• English Voice-Over & Narration

We provide voice-over, voice-acting, and narration services in English, as well as video editing, video production, and more on our sister site:

Editor Bear Creations

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